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User satisfaction, Ability to innovate, Reduced time to market, Ability to adapt to market changes, Understanding user needs, Good working environment for all employees, Improved return on investment for organizations. This is what drives us and whatAgility, Scrum and Kanban mean to us.

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Official Certified Training by certified and authorized experts Professional Scrum Trainer PST® and Professional Kanban Trainer PKT® by the creators of modern Scrum and Kanban

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Is it important to be trained by a certified Professional Scrum Trainer PST® and Professional Kanban Trainer PKT®?

In organizations around the world, Scrum is the most widely used agile framework for teams at 66% (src: 2021). is the organization founded by Scrum co-founder Ken Schwaber. This organization follows experienced Scrum Masters in a pool for around two years of training and assessments to make them PST® Professional Scrum Trainers. This is a very high level of assurance for companies, and probably the most rigorous process for becoming a Scrum Trainer. As of June 2022, there were less than 6 Professional Scrum Trainers operating in the African market.

The same applies to the Kanban approach. A PKT® Professional Kanban Trainer follows a rigorous circuit of training and regular upgrades to ensure you get the maximum ROI from your training.

Digital Transition / Agile Transformation / Agile coaching: do you need support?

Since the information age, the challenges of digital technology have been clear. The transition to digital is useful to support existing activities and to support growth and quality of work. Just as support for digital transformation is useful in the information age, or rather the digital age, support for agile transformation is useful in the entrepreneurial age that follows the previous one. In particular, it addresses the need to encourage and support entrepreneurship within organizations, in order to promote creativity, customer satisfaction and a better return on investment for shareholders, while fostering a sense of achievement and fulfillment for employees. This agile and/or digital transformation is all the more effective and produces better results when it is carried out by experts who understand your realities while bringing you a wide range of expertise. Agile Thinking provides you with experienced, certified agile coaches. This is also called agile coaching.

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JOB OFFER: Windev Developer (M/F)

JOB OFFER: Windev Developer (M/F) Would you like to put your skills to work for a fast-growing SME? Are you ready to take on new professional challenges? Join the CGI sarl family as a WINDEV Developer. CGI Sarl is an industrial and IT engineering company, and an expert in on-board electronics for weighing systems...

PSU - Professional Scrum with User Experience

Implementing UX and Scrum together and gaining PSU certification

The purpose of this page is to share some of the elements needed to help you take advantage of's Professional Scrum with User Experience training. As an accredited training center, we offer PSU certified training: with certified professionals recognized in the...

PSM 1 2 3

How do I get Professional Scrum Master certification?

Scrum Master certification is a way for individuals to validate their knowledge of the Scrum framework. It is also widely used by companies to verify a candidate's minimum level of knowledge, and to facilitate their integration into evolving teams...


Relationship between Definition of Done and number of Product backlog Items to be taken for the sprint

During the free coaching sessions offered with our training courses, one of the questions Scrum masters ask me is: how do I understand the relationship between the Definition of Done and the number of Product Backlog items the team can select for the sprint? In this post,...

Create multi-functional Scrum Teams using the Orbital Model - at the scale of your organization

Multi-functional teams (#crossfunctional) are the most effective. They enable development teams to consider several points of view at the same time, and to understand and integrate the product vision so as to build products and services with the awareness needed to create...

My Books Reading List

Simply, this is just a list of books I've read or I envision to read. I learn from everything and everywhere; and I strongly encourage you to do the same, be open to yourself. For me, it includes: people, events, thoughts, blogs, articles, trainings, videos... Though I love reading...

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