PSM 2 Scrum Master 2 : December 23 – January 6 : 6:30pm-10:30pm Paris time [English]


Professional Scrum Master II certification. Practical, Interactive, online with a certified PROFESSIONAL SCRUM TRAINER specialist accredited by the creators of Scrum. Learn advanced Scrum (PSM II) and Agile, from the most famous Scrum training to help your organizations and teams grow in agile and Scrum implementation and get more benefits out from empiricism and a set of agile principles. Discount available for Africa for fair accessibility to professional trainings.

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Senior Scrum Master consultant at Société Générale Paris La Défense, I’m authorized authorized Professional Scrum Trainer Scrum.org (co-creator of Scrum), and certified PSU, PSM I, II, III, PSPO I, II, Scrum Developer, Scaled Scrum, Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Kanban, and SPS that give me a broad vision on Agile and Scrum when training.

My mission: to improve the lives of men and women by facilitating the development of high value products, while maintaining a good quality of life at work.

Course overview

Formateur professionnel Scrum Kenmeugne Romuald

This interactive course takes place over 3 saturdays ; and builds on a series of activities to enable participants to develop advanced Professional Scrum skills and Scrum Master accountability. Through a combination of concept teaching, hands-on exercises, and teamwork, based on the modern Training From the Back of the Room approach, participants adopt their postures as advanced Scrum Masters, principles, and principles. nimble mindset. This course goes beyond the Professional Scrum Master level I, challenges and equips experienced Scrum masters to become better facilitators of Scrum and agility within their organizations and teams in order to maximize the effectiveness of its last thanks to advanced poses.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover what are the tools, practices, skills and postures of an effective Scrum Master;
  • Understanding and commenting on Scrum principles and values helps guide Scrum Masters in their decisions;
  • Learn how the Scrum Master acts as a servant leader and improve their abilities in this role;
  • Learn what the Scrum Master can do to help development teams and Product Owners become more effective;
  • Learn how the Scrum Master can help change the environment, making it more conducive to successful Scrum teams with greater agility;
  • Provide tips and techniques for the Scrum Master to work with the rest of the organization to support their Scrum teams;
  • Successfully complete your training and pass your world-renowned PSM II certification.

Over the days, students will learn about areas critical to the evolution of a successful Scrum Master such as commenting on the principles and values of Scrum will help guide Scrum Masters in their decisions and how they can help change the environment of Scrum teams, thus an environment in which Agility can flourish. The role of the Scrum Master is complex and often, he must be able to use different postures in order to be effective, such as:

  • The Scrum Master as a teacher
  • The Scrum Master as coach and mentor
  • The Scrum Master as a facilitator
  • The Scrum Master as an agent of change

NB :

During the course, the trainer implements recognized and certified PST ScrumdotOrg trainer skills and shares his professional experience for participatory and quality learning.

The result is an engaging and enjoyable learning experience where students gain a deep understanding of Scrum theory and principles; the responsibilities of the Scrum Master; and comment each element of the Scrum framework provides value.


  • 02 free passcodes for PSM II certification.
  • 02 additional hours of coaching for exam preparation or consulting.
  • 40% discount for the PSM III exam.
  • 14 PMI PDUs;
  • Discounts available for people living in Africa

Who Should Attend this class?

  • Businesses that face competition or rapid changes that require constant adaptation and improvement;
  • Experienced professional Scrum masters, Scrum coaches, agile coaches and consultants who want to improve their understanding and use of Scrum;
  • Participants from all industries dealing with complex issues: telecommunications, banking, finance, entrepreneurship, insurance, automotive, hardware, engineering, healthcare, government, education and many more.


For distance training:

  • A stable internet connection;
  • Activate your camera for a more user-friendly experience for the whole class;
  • Coffee breaks;
  • Zoom, Mural or other tools.


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Coach Agile et Formateur officiellement accrédité Professional Scrum Trainer par les créateurs de Scrul, j'ai travaillé travaillé par le passé comme membre d'équipe. et Scrum Master Senior dans des entreprises telles que la Société Générale Paris La Défense ou encire le Groupe LaPoste. Je suis titulaire d'un Master of Science de l'unversité indienne de Madraset l'un des rares professionels à avoir suivi les formations des co-créateurs de Scrum, Ken Schwaber et Jeff Sutherland, le cadre de travail agile le plus utilisé, J'ai plusieurs années d'expérience comme formateur et j'apprécie accompagner les entreprises et les particuliers à tirer bénéfice de l'agilité. Je suis fan de football et amateur de guitare.

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