Servant Leadership : How to lead in the 21st Century Information (Digital) Age

Servant Leadership : How to lead in the 21st Century Information (Digital) Age

Servant Leadership, let us talk about it a bit clearly.

Servant Leadership is not new, it’s been around for a few decades however given the rapidly changing environment and the massive shake up in the status quo it seems organisations are now forced to re-think how the workplace is organised. Leadership and management are facing new challenges. Some of us are inspired by what Servant leadership means and we are making the effort to live and work by example.

Servant Leadership is entirely different. It is focused on how we change our behaviors so that we can inspire other people to become leaders, it’s about how we communicate and make use of positive language to reinforce a strong sense of collective ownership and responsibility, it’s also about how we help create conducive environments where people feel valued, respected and safe to fail and learn from both their mistakes and failings so that they can continuously improve.

It’s not easy to practice Servant Leadership or to make the switch however it feels satisfying and in many ways it feels right. Organisations in both the Public and Private Sectors need to look deeply at the principles underpinning Servant Leadership and the opportunity it offers for creating more value and growing the amazing talents and potential that people bring to the work place.


You can read the entire article here. We particularly thanks NANA ABBAN, a Professional Scrum & Agility (Agile ) Coach for Organisations, Programme’s & Teams. He authorizes us to share his article.

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